So Excited! By Baeleigh

I am so excited for the holiday in April. It’s just going to be so exciting and adventurous.
I can’t wait to go to Anne Frank’s house and Germany. Do you know why we are going to Germany? It’s because we are going to the 500th anniversary of when Martin Luther hung a plaque on a door. (I don’t know the full story so ask my Mom.) So yea, that will be interesting.

Also I am excited to go to Stavanger,Norway. We are going to be visiting my Uncle in his new house. (Well, new to us.) We also might climb a big mountain with 360° view!  (picture above.)

So that is what I am excited for. I hope you enjoy reading the blog posts that I write, check out some of the other blog posts that my other family members do!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. gordonfitch says:

    Nice post, and it going to be great to go to Great Wolf lodge as well 🙂


  2. Helen says:

    I’m so excited too! Can’t wait to see you again, this time next week I’ll be waiting in Heathrow airport for you and your family xx


  3. Ann Krugel says:

    Have a wonderful time. I wish I could go to Norway with you!


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