It always amazes me that the trip you plan thinking it’s AAAGGEESSS away always approaches swiftly and slowly concurrently. We leave next week! Our planning has almost switched to doing, which is so exciting.

I told the kids that we leave in a week, and Sophie worded it best by saying, “Ugh. Life is going to be so slow this week!”

However slowly this week goes, I need to make the time to stop and think of the details. I think it’s part of my job, really. Make sure we all have toothbrushes packed, clean undies, aid for all of the ‘what ifs’.

And I’m thinking of the other types of details. These details, these facts, astound me. For instance, the number of family members and friends that are willing to drop their everyday lives to give us a place to go, and friendly smiles to welcome us. The number of air miles we’ll earn by circumnavigating the world to put toward future trips and future opportunities to introduce wonder to my kids. The number of stamps in our passports. The number of places that my family are able to call home.

On the flip side of course, there are the other types of facts. Those not-so-friendly facts. The number of hours we will be at 39,000 feet. The number of movies the kids will binge watch during said hours. The number of hours we will be awake at strange times of the day (no doubt watching even more movies!). The number of people we will have to farewell despite having just said hello to them.

Of course, the numbers all add up to the whole: 5 weeks, 7 countries, 10 cousins, 11 flights, 1 amazing experience.


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  1. Mom says:

    Very excited to see you all even for the short time we have!

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