35,000 ft off the ground. By Baeleigh

We’ve been flying for awhile now. And I want to get off the plane. I’ve Been watching a movie- can’t remember what it’s called- and playing some games. (I stopped half way through the movie because it was really boring.) This plane is pretty good. You get one hour of free wifi and you get to charge your devices. There are cameras on the plane so from my t.v, I can see what the pilot is seeing. We also have pretty good food. (My half eaten lunch is above) My lunch includes the following:

Beef stew with mashed potatos,

Smoked chunked with coldslaw, 

Bread and butter,


Spring water, 

Ice cream and……

My Dad’s smoked chicken and coldslaw. (He didn’t like it.)

After the flight:

I am so lucky to be out of that plane alive. I almost got bored to death. Now, I am really tired because I only got 1-2 hours of sleep. 

We are in Hong Kong right now, I’ve been texting my friends and stuff because I’m using the free wifi. (Not that my friends will read the texts anytime soon, it’s 2 am in New Zealand!)

We are about to have an even longer flight to Munich (Germany) then a 2-3 hour flight to London, where we will meet my Aunt.

I am trying to persuade my Dad to buy us Starbucks in the shop right across the room, but that’s probably a bad idea because we are (hopefully) going to sleep on the plane. Oh well. At least it will taste good. (If we get it.)

I am going to go for a walk now to stretch my legs. I will post again either in Munich or London. Good bye for now!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. slelmer says:

    Bae, you can always do chair excercises in the plane. Helps you sleep better! (I would like the smoked chicken, too!)


  2. helenhowes2017 says:

    Yum – lunch looks good! Hope you get better films on the next flight. See you soon xx


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