Live tv

I guess like every other parent on a long haul flight I am so thankful for the individual TV screens. 

Of course​, in everyflight we have taken as a family since the twins have been born, planes have included personal TVs. And while no doubt we would cope better than the average family if we lived in the days before such devices existed 😉 but boy, it would be an absolute nightmare. 

We have been on this first plane from Auckland to Hong Kong for nearly 10 hours now, and other than pausing to eat food, all six of us have been glued to our screens. 

The advancement in aeroplane TV technology since we last flew 3 years ago is noticable. My favourite new feature which  ive not experienced before, is live TV. 

In the past five years Netflix and other streaming services have become standard in the homes​. But streaming services have been the norm for 15 years in the sky’s. 

The interesting thing i note from the live TV channels lineup Cathay Pacific have  decided to air on our plane is, it is limited to news channels and sport channels. . 

I wonder if this is the future of TV in our homes also? With no doubt, all of us will have all TV shows ane movies on demand in the future. Will we need or want any live TV other than sport and TV? Certainly if Netflix offered a few news TV channels and a few sports channels, who would keep their cable subscription?

As for my TV binging, my highlight was watching the replay of the Liverpool Everton football game. 


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  1. helenhowes2017 says:

    Hurrah for TV!


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