We just arrived in Munich. I’ve been practice my German. ( I’ve only muttered the words, just in case I got them wrong.) I actually brought my German languages book so I can check to see if I’m saying the words right! But that probably wasn’t the best idea.

This air port is really big so we’ve been doing lots of walking. When I stand or walk, it feels like I’m still on the plane. Probably because we’ve just flown two twelve hour flights. 

I am super excited for this next flight to London, only for  one reason, because it only a two hour flight! 

I am so excited to get to London! Because I will be seeing our family and I will finally get to sleep comfortably! 

We just got some pretzels and their are soooooooooo good! The bread was really nice but it was too salty for me. But that’s how they are supposed to taste.

I will post again later today probably after we have dinner in London, ( Which will probably be early in the morning for New Zealand.)



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