London Part 1 By Baeleigh

We just finished dinner and now we are getting ready for bed. We arrived in London at 8:45am but it took us sooooo long for us to get through security. We finally met my Aunt out side the baggage claim, went through the buys elevator as quick as possible,(which took us 10 minutes  or so.) Then, we put all of our luggage into my Aunt’s car.( Which took even longer.)

We drive for  a bit then stopped at a service station , I got a croissant and a cherrie flavoured coke. Everybody’s croissant was under cooked so we returned it and I got a sausage roll instead. It was really good!

We (Ainsleigh and I.) raced around the pond at the service station – I won😁, then we went back to the car.

We drove for 2 hours then we finally got to Oswestry, and wen’t to my Aunt’s house.

To be continued …


One Comment Add yours

  1. John Elmer says:

    Horray! It must feel good to walk on solid ground after so many hours in the air. Have fun!


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