London Part 2. By Baeleigh

after driving for 3 hours, we arrive in Oswestry . Our cousins live in a small brick house joined to some other houses.

We ate some lunch then went to pick up our cousins from their school. We asked the head master if we could take a tour of the school and he said yes. The school is almost the same as our school in New Zealand, but when the bell rings, ( two short rings) one block of the school finishes and goes out their parents. Then the bell rings again and the next block goes out. And it keeps going until every block leaves.

We went home then went to the British ironworks. It was really awesome, there was a giant gorrila made out of spoons! And their was a big angel made out of knifes.

We ate some ice cream then went to the fish ‘n’ chips shop to get dinner. The fish ‘n’ chips where pretty good but not as good as the ones in New Zealand!

Today we dropped off our cousins at their school . We are about to go shopping and I think they said something about swimming. I will do another post at the end of the day. But that’s the trip so far!


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  1. slelmer says:

    Makes me want to see the angel! Fun times!


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