The Big Game

gordon-email-reflections-on-workWell, ever since Baeleigh suggested we blogged our trip as a family, I knew there would be one post I would be excited to post.

The post where I got to talk about taking my son to watch Liverpool play Bournemouth at Anfield. I would talk about how we able to get tickets through the wellington Liverpool Supports club, embed a video of the crowd singing YWNA before the game, and a general feel good post about how awesome the night was.

Well that is not the post I’m writing, and if you have already read Liam’s post, you would have read already we had a bit of an incident with our car, and never made it to the game. We were both (and still) absolutely gutted.

Embarrassingly it was all my fault, Helen had kindly allowed us to drive her car to Anfield, and the first thing we did was fill the car up with petrol. 8 miles later, as the car started to lose power, I realised my mistake, I should have filled the car up with Diesel.

Russell (my brother in law), kindly came out to our location. He called his roadside assistance and we waited. Rusell kindly offered to wait for the repairman to come out and offered his other car for Liam and me to drive to Anfield.

And while in my opinion, that was not the right thing to do, it soon came apparent that he could not actually offer that. As we realised his second car wouldn’t start either. I think this is called Murphy’s Law.

Well eventually, both cars were operational, and it was evident, if we got lucky with driving and parking, we may see the last 5 minutes of the game. We decided to go back to Helen’s house and watch the last 20 minutes on the tv.

Overall a bit of miserable evening, I feel such an idiot, in my job I rent a lot of cars, and I always check the type of fuel carefully. I don’t know what I was thinking this evening.

On on the bright side, tomorrow we drive to London to catch flights to Amsterdam, and if we hadn’t been out tonight, and had the same problem, it would have involved missing a flight, which would have been a lot more significant. So  I will choose to stay positive.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. helenhowes2017 says:

    I clicked ‘like’ but really I’m gutted for you both! 😔


  2. slelmer says:

    Oh, Gordon. Need a hug?


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