We are family

gordon-email-reflections-on-workIt is so good to be with family (home?).

It is surely the worst part about living in NZ, being away from loved ones.

The noticeable thing with hanging out with family is just how chilled it is.  We have arrived at my sister Helen and Russell house is Owestry. All the cousins are playing together and my mum has driven down too,

As we cope with the jetlag we have just been hanging out together, it is like we have never been away. no need to do anything special just nice to be in each others company again.

Of course, it has been nice for me to be hanging out with people I spent 20 odd years living with. For our children, other than the odd holiday, their connections with each other, has been primarily a virtual relationship over Skype.

And so it has been great to see all the kids interacting with their extended family. We had been in the UK for less than an hour when Sophie turned to me and said: “Aunt Helen is sooo nice.”

If day one is anything to go by, this holiday is going to be a real blessed time for the Fitches.


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  1. slelmer says:

    Sounds like a blessed time. Family is so important.


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