London Part 3! – By Baeleigh

After breakfast the next morning we went to drop off our cousins again at their school. We went back home for a bit then walked from their house into town to go shopping.

The first place we went to was the church that our Uncle works at. (He is the minister.) after we hung out in the hall for a bit and played the instruments, We headed off.

We came to Bailey St   (Which is the best street ever.) and went to the farmers market that so happened to be there that very day. We looked around, and the first stall we went to was the cheese stall. The guy selling the cheese was very funny and nice and we stayed there at the stall, trying cheese, for quite a long time. He ended up giving us some free cheese because he liked us. (He said,  “Oh here you are you can have some o’ this cheese. You are a great lot you are.”)


IMG_20170405_094222074we looked around the stalls a bit more than went to Bailey’s Bread and Sandwich shop and I took a picture in front the shop just like I did five years ago. We walked down the street some more and we decided that Baileys St looks just like diagon ally from Harry Potter.


we found a massive candy shop and decided that it would be great to go inside. There was a train at the top of the store slowly chugging around the shop, it has lots of bright colours and LOTS of candy. We came across shelf with some cups full of different expired candies for 1£ so my grandma bought it for us. (Thanks Grandma!)


we kept walking down the street and our Aunt showed us where she wanted to have her own shop. After, we went to a store called Home Bargins. Ainsleigh got some hair dye and Dad and my brother Liam got Irn Bru.

My Aunt wanted to show us a park near by and as we were nearing the end of Bailey St there was a little dark ally way and we new for  sure, that was knock turn ally from Harry Potter.


We arrived at the park and it looked really cool. We played on it for some time, then there was this one piece of equipment where you hold on to a ring at a top of a pole then swing your whole body around then you go fly around and around in a circle. We walked over to it, and we were about to go on it but a little kid, (Who had been following us for a long tome) came up and held on to the ring. We couldn’t go fast on it when he was there so my Dad said we should run off, he would follow us then we could run back and do it.

We tried doing that over and over but we never had time for all of us to swing ’round together. It was actually really funny, everyone was laughing (especially the little kid because he thought we were playing a running game.) and it was super cute.

Eventually, we left because we had to pick up our youngest cousin from school because he finished early that day.

After Lunch we went to Wales to see the Aqua duct. (It was only a 10 minute drive from where they lived.) the Aqua duct was a long bridge with a canal flowing across it. Their where boats you could hire to ride across the canal but we didn’t get one. Instead we walked across the Aqua duct from Wales and at the end of the Aqua duct, we where in England.


After a while we went home, picked up our cousins from school and went swimming. There was lots more rules than our pool in Karori. Sophie couldn’t wear her snorkel and we couldn’t jump into the pool without our feet first. But other than that it was really fun. It was really nice to hang out with our cousins.

After swimming, we came home to the nice smell of spaghetti . We ate the spaghetti (Which was really yummy,) then ate our first ever….   mint viennetta! (They only sell vanilla viennettas in New Zealand.)

After dinner Liam and Dad headed off to the Liverpool game. (Look at their blog posts about it. You’ll see their adventure.)

Today we are heading off to Amsterdam to see Ann Franks house. I will post about it very soon.



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  1. slelmer says:

    So,fun to read of your travels, Baeleigh. You have a knack for writing! Can’t wait to hear about Anne Frank’s house.


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