Amsterdam! #2 by Baeleigh

We woke up in our tiny hotel rooms, ready for the day ahead. The first thing we did that day was go to the airport and drop off our bags. Next we head to the train station to catch a train to central Amsterdam.

we did a bit of filming for our music video and walked ’round the beautiful city.

At 10:15am we went to wait in line for Anne Frank’s house. Luckily the wait wasn’t that long.

The tour was so awesome, we had remotes to take around, and if we pointed it at a sensor it would start talking to us. The actual secret annexe was not how I imagined it. It was so small!

After the tour, we had another tour, but this time, of the city. We hopped on the boat and sailed on the canal. We listened to someone speaking on the radio thing through head phones. Here are some of the pictures!

We finished around 12:30pm and went to lunch. Later ridding back to the airport on a train.



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