Anne Franks House

Today we woke up in our Hotel in Amsterdam I was so excited because today we were going to Anne Franks house! I have not read the book because I had no time but Ainsleigh and Baeleigh had and so they told me the main ideas.

We drove on the bus to the airport and then from the airport we drove by train to Amsterdam train station central but as soon as we got off I realised we had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG TO WALK!!!!!

But once we finally got there we got first in the line and went through the house. It was so cool you could see her hide out and where she was staying it was so cool to see.

after Anne Franks house we went on a canal cruise it was really fun we could see cool sights and take some photos.

After that, we had lunch and do you know what I remebered? WE HAVE TO WALK ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE TRAIN STATION!!!!! IT WAS SO ANNOYING

After we FINALLY made it back to the train station we hopped on the train heading back to the airport.

Then we caught a plane to Norway where Uncle Andrew and Aunt Dennise house! its so cool and fancy.

Now I am writing this blog post so you are caught up on everything and sometime around now we are going to go to bed because we are all very tired.



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