“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

We left New Zealand less than a week ago and have already been to 5 countries, slept in three of them, and racked up a few air miles.

And most of it has left me speechless. The willingness of strangers in England to chat to you. (“Why don’t you go in front? You’ve only got one item, and I’m all loaded down! With my lot you need a lot!”) The linguistic amazingness of those in Amsterdam, so willing to speak in their second language to help you before they even know what language you speak. (Airport shuttle driver: “Please take the baby out of the, uh, car sir” Man with baby: answers in Dutch). The wonders of having family around, buying, organizing, taking time out to help make your travel smoother, jumping straight in to enjoying our kids as much as we do.

And the negatives of traveling so long haven’t touched the positives. Yes, we’re still jet lagged, yes we were bored out of our skulls on the planes, but it’s been so worth it. Can’t wait to see what this trip does to my four storytellers.


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