Norway! By Baeleigh

We are finally in Norway! I’m so excited to hangout out with family for a week and not having to travel for a while.

we arrived at the airport, got our luggage and left. We didn’t have to go through security or anything! Our Uncle and Aunt were already at the airport waiting for us. We loaded everything into the van my uncle rented and drove off.

Norway was very spacious and green. We drove past a beautiful fjord, which is a sea water lake. Their house was not too far from the airport and we soon arrived there.
Their house is really nice with an awesome view. we ate dinner then went to bed.

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast. We played with our uncle’s instruments for awhile. After everyone was ready we went down to the city centre and looked around. We did a bit of filming for our music video and looked in some tourist shops. (I didn’t buy anything. YET.)

later we came back to have lunch. We stopped off before hand to go to the supermarket. The supermarket was very different to the ones in New Zealand. Mostly because the sold different food and we couldn’t understand any words that were on packets of food.

We ate lunch and did a scavenger hunt. We had to find a soccer field, a park and a shop and had to write down instructions how to get there. At the bottom of the instructions on how to get to the shop, we wrote: Buy 4 ice creams.  and we highlighted it. When she finally read this, she laughed and said, “Did your Uncle tell you to write this?” We said yes. When the shop was in sight she said she would buy us an ice cream! yum!

After the scavenger hunt, we went on a hike. We went to this place where there were lots of boats tied up to a floating platform. We walked to the very end of the concrete platform and there, was a long metal floating platform. I was the first to go on it and make it to the very end. It was very scary at first because it was very wobbly but soon I got used to it. Everyone did a catwalk on it and my Mom filmed it for the music video.


we kept walking and we came across a cave behind an electrical box. It was blocking people to go in and from far away you couldn’t really tell the cave was there. we poked our heads in with our flashlights but decided to go into it on our way back.

we walked on a path leading us to an island. (People put lots of stones in the water to block out the sea going through.It was very boggy and we (Ainsleigh, Liam and I) went through an especially boggy part to get to some old red buildings. As we came closer we saw that 2 doors were open on 2 of the red buildings. we peered inside there were some really old boats and rotting wood. we decided to catch up with the rest of the group. we climbed up a real boggy hill with lots of rock and heather everywhere, and eventually, we were at the top. we started to walk back and most of us walked back on the top of the hill, but some of us went the easy way and went down the hill and on the path.

we neared the cave again and I got the flashlight on my iPod ready. We (Ainsleigh and I)
waited for everyone else to catch up before going into the cave. four of us, (Including me) crawled through the small opening. ahead of us was a concrete wall. There was som much mud and planks of wood on the ground. there was also lots of rubbish. As we turned right and entered the next room, there was less rubbish and mud. all of the walls were concrete now but the floor was still rocky and a bit muddy. there was a whole in the ground with a broken ladder, filled with sea water. We didn’t go near that. we finally came to the biggest room with concrete walls and floor. There was hardly and mud in this room. (Wich is good.) But there was lots of graffiti. I stopped exploring in this room because it was starting to freak me out. but I provided light from my torch for Sophie, she had started to come down. after a bit, we all jumped out of the cave and left. Here is the map of the cave!

imagea cave

We went home and ate dinner. Shortly after, went to bed. Here are some of the pictures I have taken so far in Norway!


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  1. slelmer says:

    Love your descriptions, Baeleigh! And your pictures. 😀


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