Norway! #2 By Baeleigh

We wake up and get ready for the day. Ainsleigh and I practice the piano for our music video then have breakfast. After everyone is ready we drive off to see the three swords. The three swords represent the three separate kingdoms that had a battle and the kingdom that one’s king decided to unite all three kingdoms and that’s how Norway was born.

After taking lots of photos we head off to church. My Uncle and Aunt go to an international church and there are lots of different people from all around the world. At the start of the service, after singing some songs, everyone had to sit down – But the visitors. We sat down anyway. Instead, my Dad stood up for all of us. when It came to my Dad turn to speak, had to say who we are, and where we are visiting from. It was super embarrassing.

After lunch, we get changed then got in the car. We were driving to a place where my Uncle likes to go hiking. We finally arrive at The car park for the hike. There is lots of hills surrounding us. We find a parking space and start the hike.

It is very muddy.  Apparently, it will take us 45 mins. But I’m not so sure.

We finally get to the top, and there’s a good view. We take a drink and rest for a bit. We do a bit of filming and take pictures, then head back down the mountain.

We arrive back at home and lounge around. We are all tired. Our Uncle and Dad start to heat up the BBQ and Liam and I rinse off the mud on our legs. (During the hike we came to an especially muddy part I quickly stepped in it to get across, but my whole foot sank up to my ankle in mud.)

after the BBQ, Ainsleigh starts to make the Norwegian traditional cake and I help a bit before I have to leave. Ainsleigh will do the cake, And Sophie and I will do the decorating!



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  1. slelmer says:

    Such an interesting day!


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