gordon-email-reflections-on-workWith fourteen people in the house now, Andrew (my brother) and I got a little break from the mayhem by playing a round of golf.

Andrew was able to swing a couple of free tickets from his work and an extra bag of clubs from a mate.

Having not played for a year, I played as well as expected. Despite that, it was a great morning and so nice to be playing golf again.

Gone are the days of playing golf weekly. Golf is certainly not as popular in New Zealand as the States or Scotland.

While there is much in common between the three countries I’ve lived in; New Zealand, USA and the UK, sport is not one of them. Sport is an integral part of male bonding, and I’ve never quite learned to appreciate the sports of the States or New Zealand.

Thankfully for me, football is probably the one sport that is truly global, even if not massive in either New Zealand or the States. Yet in both of these countries, I’ve been able to join in regular casual football games. In fact, while on the golf course, I was reminded by google calendar that my Monday Night Football in wellington was on.

It was good to catch up with my brother one on one for a few hours, and I was reminded once again, many of the people I love the most on this planet live far away from New Zealand.



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