Norway! #3 by Baeleigh

In the morning my Dad and Uncle went golfing while everyone else stayed behind.
after breakfast, I practised some piano and helped make a Norwegen traditional cake.
we also went to the park with our Mom but when we got too bored we went to the preschool playground but after a bit, we realised that preschool was going on! so we quickly left to go back home.

That afternoon we, (Ainsleigh, Sophie, Liam, Dad and I) played some soccer while we waited for our Uncle and Aunt to pick up our cousins. When they arrived, they ate some lunch then we all tried the cake we made. It was really good!

Later that day we hopped in the car to go to IKea. I was super excited because I had never been before. We as we walked around IKea, we did some manikin challenges. Here are some of them!!

After IKea, Sophie and Natasha, (One of our cousins) made slime, as Ainsleigh, Liam, Keiran (Also one of our cousins) played wii.


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