Norway! #4 By Baeleigh

After breakfast, we all got ready and dressed and went into the car. We are going on a road trip!

The first place we stop at is a wool factory. There is so much stuff that you can buy there. There is also grass on the roof! after awhile we drive off to our next location.

We drove up a very steep hill, and at the top, there was lots of snow! We all jumped out of the car and started a snowball fight. It was so much fun! The parents started the BBQ and we continued the snowball fight while making snowmen and snow angels.

After awhile the sausages were ready and we began to eat. After lunch, we did some filming and climbing. As soon as we were sure our toes had fallen off from the cold, we jumped in the cars to drive to the next place.

We stop at a candle factory and we go inside. we get some white candles and we go to the back of the shop where we can colour them. My candle has red and yellow horizontal stripes. after everyone has finished their candle, we pay for it and explore the shop further. The shop is very colourful, filled with lots and lots of candles and even some crystals and clothes you could buy.

When everyone’s had a good look around, we head inside the restaurant so the adults could have coffee. After, we get back into the car to go to the final destination.

We come to a place with GIANT rocks scattered around the valley. This is a special place because this is where my Uncle proposed to my Aunt. We took lots of photos then drove all the way back home for dinner.


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  1. slelmer says:

    So much fun to read of your adventures!


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