Norway! #5 By Baeleigh

In the morning we recorded our singing for the music video and all of the instruments. (I played the organ!)  Then we went fishing. We showed our cousins the cave that we went into last time we were there, and then we went to set up the fishing rods. An hour or so past and we still hadn’t caught any fish so we went home.

When we got home, all the kids set up a restaurant in the house for the adults. We took their orders then they played games until the food was ready. We had lots of fun and the parents really liked it.

After lunch, we went to the oil museum. It was very interesting and fun. We had to go into a dark room and escape as soon as possible. If we made it in under 2 minutes then we would pass. Ainsleigh, Keiran and Liam went first. They came out at 1 minute and 22 seconds. Then Sophie, My Uncle and myself went  in next. We walked inside and as the person closed the door, there was a big siren and bursts of air where blowing out of some corners. We knew what direction the door was in from looking on the outside but when we went that way, it was a dead end. There was just a window but we didn’t think it was the way. So we went back. We came back and thought the front door was the end but it wasn’t. This time my Uncle took the lead. we went back to the window and decided to go through it. We all went through then turned the corner and we saw the light through the crack in the door. We made it!

We walked into a pretend oil rig and came to a giant net. we walked up some stairs to get to the top. Our Uncle, (who is an engineer and who has done this before) showed us how to get down very fast. He went on his side and moved to the left and right to wiggle down the net. He came to the bottom very fast. Kieran and Liam were in front of me. They could not go down the way that Our Uncle showed us. When It came to my turn, I did very fast just like how our Uncle showed us. I was very proud of myself.

After the museum, we walked around the town before going back home for dinner.


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  1. slelmer says:

    Loved the escape room description! Fun!


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