Norway!!#6 By Baeleigh

All of the kids wake up early so we can make breakfast for the adults. We have breakfast first then go on our devices until it’s time to set up. When I started to set up the table only Ainsleigh joined me because the other kids were on their devices. Then when all the adults came to the table it was only me making them breakfast. I soon asked Liam to help me but he didn’t do much.

After breakfast we did more recording , so I did the vocals for the start of the song. I sang the first part then I sang over it so it was just me singing and then all the other voices would start singing when the instruments came in. 

After the recording we went into the car to go to the coast where the Germans had built defences during the German occupation during world war 2. We went down into tunnels and underground rooms like the control centre. (It was very wet.) The tunnels weren’t as good as the tunnels in karori because there was no concrete on the walls there or in the floor. It was also very dark because there was no lights. We had to use our phones.

After we headed down to the beach for a bit. We burried Liam in the sand and made a sand castle.We also kicked the soccer ball around. After awhile. We drive back home and has another BBQ. 


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  1. slelmer says:

    Breakfast made for me. That sounds good!


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