London! By Baeleigh

We wake up at 4 in the morning and move everything into the van. We going to the airport!

We take a plane to Amsterdam then to London Heathrow . It’s so exciting! We take the train into Paddington station an walk to the bus stop. The bus we are going on is a tour bus with an audio tour so we grab some head phones and started to listen.

Our first stop is at Buckingham palace. We jump out the bus and the first thing we see is a giant crowd. We take 20 minutes to get through the crowd and we still do not know what’s happening. Dad hoists up Liam to see anything and he says the guards are changing. But there is not normally that much people when the guards change. We keep on walking. There is lots of police keeping people off the closed road behind big fences. We find a space where there is not much people and wait for the people to disappear. Then we hear music playing and we notice, the Queens guards are doing a parade! We watch for a bit, then leave.
Our next stop is the Big Ben and the London Eye. It was so busy, we couldn’t get good pictures. We go get some lunch at a really expensive fish and chip shop and eat right by the London eye. As we walk back to the bridge we stop at the sea Life centre because of another big crowd. It takes us another 20 minutes to get across because people are trying to get past the giant queue for the sea Life centre from both sides. My Dad goes up to the manager and starts yelling at him. After he finished he got a cheer from the crowd. (He will probably explain it in more detail in his blog post.) After we finally get past the crowed, we go to the passion play. The play was the story of Easter and It was really good. It was really hard to find a place to watch it though.  After the play finished we went to dinner then took a train back to the airport. We drove the car back to Oswestry and stayed the night there. Were driving to Scotland tomorrow!


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