Today my Dad woke me up in the morning and he said it was time to go, then I realised it was 4;00 AM! and do you know how I knew this? because it was so dark and no one was awake and dad was being really quiet and so I asked him what time is it? and he said 4;15! and he said you better get dressed or we will miss the plane. So I started to get dressed very quietly with the rest of my siblings. It was very hard to be really quiet especially when we can’t wake up the rest of my cousins.

I will miss this place it was HUGE!! It was so fancy and it was so hard to say goodbye but we did it we left the house and went to the airport and we caught the plane to Amsterdam first and then we flew to London. we rushed out of the plane and overtook some people so we wouldn’t be last for going through customs because last time we went to London we were a few of the last people and it was a LOOONG wait it was SOO tiring.

So when we got out of customs we hopped on a train and then we got on the hop on hop off bus. so when we want to get off we can whenever we want and get on the next bus because all the busses go in a loop so you will get a bus often.

The first thing we stopped at was Buckingham palace it was SO crowded most of the time people were pushing and shoving and it was so hard to stand up and MOVE!

Once we finally saw the guards coming out we stayed there for the crowd to go so we wouldn’t be in the big crowd again.

And all of us were really hungry so we went on a bus to big ben and the London eye and bought so fish and chips. Oh my gosh it was so crowded we were standing trying to get past a shop for 20 mins it was so crowded even worse than Buckingham palace!

IMG_20170414_123450470_HDRAnd then we got on the bus again and drove around London again and stopped at a boat cruise and sailed down the river Thames. It was pretty cool a bit bumpy and slow but it was cool.

IMG_20170414_142740893_HDRThen we went on another bus to a play it was about the passion play it was really cool the knew all their lines and they were amazing actors and they told the story so well and got everything spot on but my legs were hurting so bad we were standing up for the whole play and guess how long the play was an hour and a half it felt so long but it was totally worth it.

then we got on another bus to the train station but first, we got some souvenirs I bought a postcard for my friend. and I also got an emoji pillow just because it looked cool and it was pretty cheap.

Then we got on the train and then we got back on the train and then drove 3 hours all the way back to Aunt Helen’s house. And went to bed we were all very tired so the time went by very quickly.



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  1. slelmer says:

    Gosh, sounds like you all did a LOT in one day! Fun, though!


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