Scotland!! By Baeleigh

We drive from Oswestry the next morning to Scotland. We finally arrive at our Grandma’s house 5 hours later. Her house is just as I remember. We start to pump up air beds and get ready for our stay all while our dad picks up our Uncle and Aunt.

When my Dad returns, we drive off to go to my dad’s cousin’s house for dinner. We arrive at their house, and the first thing we do is have a house tour. after all the kids play on the trampoline.

After awhile we go out on the street where the preschool playground is. There are lots of kids already there playing a game. We join them. everyone seemed to know each other including Alyssa and Jack (Our second cousins) We play for awhile with the kids then go back inside for dinner.

For dinner, we had a Chinese takeaway and it was very good. We also had a cup of Irn Bru which we can’t get in New Zealand very easily. After dinner, we head back onto the trampoline for awhile.

Eventually, we had to go back to our grandma’s house. which is really sad because we won’t see Alyssa at the big easter party on Monday. Both of our cousins were really nice and funny and I’m glad we got to see them again.



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  1. slelmer says:

    You and your cousins look very much alike!


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