Scotland!! #2 By Baeleigh

Easter morning! We wake up early and head into the living room. When we all are awake our parents give out the easter eggs. We eat half of the big egg and the mini egg also inside the package. Then we walk to church.

Church was very good. The minister knew my dad already because they used to hang out a lot when they were teenagers. It was very kids friendly and funny. We also got an extra easter egg.


After church, we ate lunch then decorated some hard boiled eggs. After everyone had finished decorating their eggs, we drove down to Lanark loch to roll the eggs down the hill.

We found a big hill and started to roll the eggs down the hill. When the eggs did not crack, we threw them at a big tree. The only bad thing about it was after, (While my Dad and Uncle were hiding easter eggs) we had to pick up all the egg bits.


We did an easter egg hunt around the park and found a chocolate egg each. then we went home to have dinner. Our cousins arrived just in time for dinner and shared the meal with us.

after dinner, we made a treasure hunt to find the easter eggs for our cousins, and they did the same for us. We found our eggs in the garage and they found their eggs in the washing machine. It was really fun and now we have chocolate for days


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