Scotland!! #3 By Baeleigh

We had a very busy morning, baking so much stuff for the easter party.  Ainsleigh and I made 2 pavlovas but they both burnt because the oven was too low. By the end of the morning our grandma’s house had produced, 3 cakes and 2 meals. (lasagna and sweet and sour chicken. I think someone also made rice.

We arrived at the party and my siblings and my cousins played in the garden until more people arrived. When everyone was at the party we walked to the park which was right next door. We played soccer and played on the playground until the food was ready. It was really yummy, the food, especially the sweet and sour chicken.

After lunch, we had an easter egg hunt which backfired when we found squashed easter eggs under the gravel. After the easter egg hunt we had dessert then went back to the park.

When we were there, a big black dog came from nowhere and stole a little boy’s ball, and WOULD NOT give it back. The dog started ripping it apart and the little boy started to cry. When the little boy and his family were leaving, the dog left the ball and went to the swings,( which is not too far away.)  Sophie and Jack ran to the ball and started to bring it back to the family, but then the big black dog started to sprint towards Sophie and Jack so they dropped the ball and ran away. The dog started to chew it even more.

When the family just left the park and they were outside the gate, the dog left the ball and went all the way to the other side of the park. I walked over slowly to retrieve the ball and slowly kicked the ball towards the family. But then my brother ran up and started to dribble the ball very fast to the family. Then the dog noticed us and started to sprint towards us. I was going to pick up the ball but I knew, if I did, then the dog would jump up on me to get the ball and I would be knocked over so I just ran away with Liam.

After awhile we managed to get the ball from the dog and it was all torn apart. My Uncle and I caught up with the family and asked them if they still wanted the ball. They did not.

I went back to the house because it was nearing the time where we had to leave. I played some soccer and then Sophie and Keiran came to me and said the dog was on the property. I went to check and I saw the dog leave the property and go round the side. For the next 20 minutes, the dog was on and of the property, obviously loving the attention of the kids.

eventually, we had to leave. Natasha and I walked home with Uncle Andrew, Grandma, Keiran and Liam. Everyone else drove home. We stayed home for the rest of the day.



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