Catching up with the Whānau (family)

gordon-email-reflections-on-workSo far in the trip, we have spent a really good chunk of time with our direct family. We have spent time in England, a week in Norway, and now we are all staying in Scotland for the week in my mother’s house.

Now we are here, we have the opportunity to meet the rest of the family. Easter Monday was spent at my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim’s house, with around 40 or so of the extended family. Hanging out with the whole whānau was awesome.

Though we haven’t met with these people in Scotland since 2012, a fair good number of them have travelled out to Wellington to see us over the years.

This is something I truly miss when living in New Zealand, hanging out on a regular basis with people who I have known and leant on since being a child.

It is an interesting life choice, to choose to live ten of thousands of miles away from the people you love. Of course, it is easier now, than ever to live in a foreign country, we truly are starting to live in a global village, with skype, facebook and the likes, communicating virtually can keep relationships alive. I can’t imagine the old British immigrants to New Zealand who would jump on a boat, never expecting to see their family again.

Of course, for Amanda and I, there is no country on this planet we could live in, and both be by our family. But this doesn’t mean living in a neutral country is a preference of either of us. We have now been living in New Zealand for 7 years, and we ae forming good friends and good community.

In our marriage, we have lived in the UK, US and NZ. We truly believe each of these countries are amazing countries. We could happily live in any of those countries without any troubles. And moving countries today is easier than ever, so who knows what the future will hold.


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