Damn it America, health care is a human right. 

 So yesterday I spent a bit of time with my eldest daughter Baeleigh in the hospital. Baeleigh had tripped over ice-skating, and broke her elbow. 
Being on our big trip, currently in the UK, we experienced the National Health Service (NHS). The NHS provides medical services to everyone in the UK from a homeless beggar to the Queen, fully funded by the tax payer. 

That means, as we walked into the hospital, time wasn’t spent filling in insurance forms before seeing a doctor. We just received top class medical treatment. 

And while America debates Obama care, trump care or whatever. The truth is, no option is being offered that is ideal. 

Health care should be a right, as elementary and high schools are. Health care is something every single person needs, yet it is something that many Americans just can’t get access to, or is heavily in debt to, or just plain bankrupted from. 

Health care must be something that everyone has access to, not just people who have ‘suceeded’ in life. If some one can’t work due to an accident, or being born with disabilities, or just has had a difficult life, they are not less deserving of seeing a doctor than anyone else. 

I suggest an amendment is added to the Constitution to give every American the right to health care. And then just figure out the national madical cost and then create a flat income tax for every American to pay to cover the cost.  


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