Scotland!! #4 By Baeleigh

In the morning we drove to one of my dad’s friends house and had morning tea with her. She had a tiny dog named Harvey and a newborn baby named Ethan.  He was a very cute smiley baby and we got to hold him. After, we drove over to where my parents used to live to meet up with our cousins and Aunts and Uncle.

The pizza was very yummy and I ate a lot because there was a pizza buffet. After the very good meal, we drove off to the mall to go ice skating.

The ice skating was really fun, I practised doing spins and skating on one leg. We did some filming for the music video and skated around some more.

I was skating along the right-hand side of the rink and I decided to cut across the middle of the rink so I could skate with my family. While I was skating, I tripped and fell. I put both my hands out to break my fall. When my hands hit the ice, the impact made a massive smack. So loud, probably everyone could hear. Well, at least a person who worked the rink did.

He came up to me and I was already on my feet trying to skate away. He asked me if I could roll my wrist or touch my thumb with my fingers, and I could hardly do it. He skated away and I propped up my arm on the side of the rink.

My arm felt really bad. It wasn’t a sharp pain, but it was so tingly it hurt. It also felt so weak and I knew not to move it because otherwise, it would hurt.

After awhile the pain died own in my wrist, but it was my elbow that was hurting now. I couldn’t have my arm in certain angles without it really hurting. I couldn’t pull or hold heavy things on it. I had to hold my arm at a certain angle all through getting some ice cream and driving home.

When we got home I used my first aid knowledge to direct my Mom how to put a sling on me, and soon the pain was gone.

My mom and Aunt check my elbow to see of there was any swelling, and there, almost at the point of the elbow, was swelling the size of an egg.

My Aunt, Mom and myself drove down to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t broken. We waited 2 hours but it didn’t feel that long because my elbow wasn’t hurting when it was in the sling.

Finally, my name was called and we walked inside some double doors to see te doctor.

After some X-rays, they found out my arm was broken so they made me a cast and gave me a sling. At 11 pm we finally arrived home, so I got my PJs on and went to bed.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. got a crush on yo says:

    I iceskate all the time. Thankfully I never broke a bone in my life. I also live in NZ and you may know me as I goto your school. I love ice hockey and I know a place which has a permanent ice rink. It is at Daytona Raceway in Seaview


  2. wise old goose says:

    Don’t skate without bending Ur knees cut ill get hurt


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