Last day in Scotland

Today I woke up in my bed to the sound of footsteps, I opened my eyes but no one was there I glanced at the clock it was 6;35 I thought to myself I’m probably not going to fall asleep again so I decided to get up and find who that loud person was actually just dad and I said to him was it you being so noisy and he said yeah  I’m sorry it probably was. But then he said, but guess what it is our last morning in grandma’s house in Scotland!

I was so sad I totally forgot! I have some great memories in Scotland like ice skating lots of restaurants and we went to see the Edinburgh castle and lots of time just hanging out with other kids like; Elie Alisa jack Cloe Callum and about 10 other kids but I didn’t get to ask their names!

there are so many other fun things that we have done it’s incredible! next, we are going to drive to the airport and get on the plane for an hour or two and then we will be in Germany! then we are going to our hotel and we are going to stay there for 3 days and we will be seeing a concentration camp and Wittenberg and berlin! it will be so fun but for now, we have to say all our goodbyes it will be very sad because we won’t see them for years! I don’t want to leave them I want to stay here longer!


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