Scotland!! #5&6 By Baeleigh

We started off the morning by shopping at tescos for new clothes. I needed clothes that would fit around my cast. There wasn’t any loose girl clotheing​ so we had to go to the boy section and look there. We ended up getting two t-shirts , a jumper and slip on shoes. (It’s hard thing shoes with a broken arm!)

Next we went to get the x-rays so I could show it to a doctor in the States. And while we where there, we needed a note from the doctor saying that I could fly. So we went back to the A&E section to talk to a doctor. 

 Before getting the letter from the doctor, she asked me how it was going, and I said that I woke up with swollen fingers and my had had turned blue a couple of times. She said it was because I said to small of a sling. I ended up getting a new, more comfortable sling and the note from the doctor. So that trip to the hospital was very good.

For lunch we met up with a family and ate lunch together. Julie, had two kids, Elie and Kier. They where really fun to play with. 

After lunch we drove down to Lanark Loch to walk around it. (But not before playing on the play ground!) 

After the walk around the park, some of the people played on the park while a few of them, (including me) went Geo Cashing. It was a fun idea, but after about 15 minutes we gave up and drove home. 

For dinner, my family and my Aunt and Uncle went to meet up with 2 other family’s ate at a carvory. We got a ticket to go to the buffet, where we were allowed 3 slices of meat and some sides. I got ham, turkey and lamb. For sides I got, carrot, peas, stuffing, a yorkshire pudding and some fries. It was a very good meal.

For dessert, we had an all you can eat ice cream buffet. I still can’t believe I only had three bowls of ice cream. I wish I had more!


We went to the hospital for the third time this week to get a check up at the fractured clinic. It the turned out that the broken bone is not at the top of my elbow, it’s at the bottom of my elbow. And apearintally​ you don’t need a cast for that bone. So they cut off the cast and told me to move it everyday to keep the fluids out of my joint. It really hurts thought when I move it so I haven’t really been doing it. 

After the hospital, we met up with our cousins, Aunt’s and Uncles to catch a train into Edinbrough. We went from the start of the rail all the way to the finish, so it took a long time to get there. 

When we finally arrived, we walked up the hill to Edinbrough castle to have a look around. 

It was very interesting. We saw the Scottish crown jewels and one of our reletive’s name writen down in a book of people that died in world war one. We went down to the castle’s prison, and that was very interesting too. 

Nearing the end of the trip to Edinbrough castle, we went into the gift shop and I got my fourth key chain, and a feather pen. 

We took the tram back to the car and drove home. After dinner, I went to the shop with my Dad to buy my cousin’s some presents. I got them a bottle of bubbles each. After that I went to bed ready to fly again in the morning.


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