Germany! By Baeleigh

We all drive down to the airport in Edinbrough with all of our gear. Our uncle and Aunt at going back to Norway, and we are going to Germany. 

After our Uncle and Aunt leave, we say good bye.It was sad, but we will see them again soon.

We hangout in the airport for awhile then we get checked in to our flight as well. After, we go to get some morning tea from a café. 

Eventually we say goodbye. It’s really sad but we will be able to Skype them when we get back to NZ. 

After we arrive in Germany rental car desk to rent a car. Next to the rental car place, there see some super shiny cars. They are so cool!

( Pictures coming soon)
We drive for along time then finally we arrive at out hotel. We take everything from the car into the hotel room, then we go and have dinner. 


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sherrie Elmer says:

    saying goodbye is sooo hard. Makes saying hello so Awesome!


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