Germany! #2 By Baeleigh

We pack up all of our stuff and load it into the car. We drive for awhile and then we arrive at our destination. We are going to explore a concentration camp.
We split up, Ainsleigh and I go with our mom and Sophie and Liam go with out dad. The reason we split up is because there is some things that are to gruesome for kids.
We walk around the camp, and it’s actually pretty interesting, there was a zoo in the camp to intertain the soldiers!

We keep exploring, then we come across the the place were they actually kept the prisoners. We went inside.

As we where exploring inside the prison, we came across a building with a big chimney and went inside. There was lots of ovens, and we found out that they burned the dead bodies there. We also found a room where they did test on the bodies.

We found out that the way they killed some of the prisoners, they took them in one by one into a room that looked like a docor’s office. Then told them to stand in front of a measuring tool on the wall. But, there was a slit on the wall where a German soldier would stand and shoot them at he base of their head. It was horrible.

(Pictures coming soon)

After we finished looking around the concentration camp, we drove to our next hotel.

We drove down to Wittenberg to visit the place where Martian Luther hung a plaque on the door if a cathlic  church. We went to a church services there, and the building was very fancy on the inside and out. After that we walked down to a German restruant to have dinner.

We hung out at a play ground before going back to the hotel to sleep.


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  1. slelmer says:

    It’s awful sometimes knowing what man can do to man.


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