Space and Time

gordon-email-reflections-on-workLast week, as I was walking from the Glasgow Hydro, Douglas my cousin, and I reflected on our top 5 albums we have ever heard, and we both agreed Urban Hymns by The Verve would have been in it.

For much of your youth, Douglas and I went to a good number of concerts in the Glasgow area. In the summer of ’97 we ventured to Leeds for the V festival. This was one of the last concerts The Verve played before splitting up.

Richard Ashcroft the lead singer of The Verve and songwriter, has more recently gone solo and released a couple of albums.  Perhaps on 18 April, Douglas and I were reliving our youth, when we rocked up to the Glasgow Hydro to watch Richard Ashcroft.

it was a  great concert, and one of the things I appreciated was, he played 7 songs off the Urban Hymns album, including all my favourites.

Of course one of the differences between now and the nineties is the advent of camera phones. It was interesting, when he started playing a classic song, a good number of people in the audience lifted their mobile phones up, and started filming the song. Here is such an example off youtube from that concert.

But here is the funny thing, all these people, rather than being in the moment, experiencing the show, they spent their time, holding their hands as still as possible.

I guess it is a challenge many of us have, being present with the people we are around. So often we have our phones out, engaging with social media, dialoguing with people not in the room, pretending we can be in more places than one we are in, thinking we can engage more fully with others.

On this holiday, as we have met so many friends and family,  I have been trying really hard to be fully present, giving my full attention, hoping the holiday is as meaningful as it can be.

For sure, Douglas and I had a great night, it was good to relive our youth and reconnect as cousins and friends.


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  1. Douglas says:

    Was a great night and I still need to have a think which albums make the cut


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