Seattle!! By Baeleigh

We wake up early in the morning because of jet lag and go on our devices until breakfast.

Today, we are going to see some sights in Seattle. Before I left to go on holiday, my class and I, for maths, planned a 3 week holiday around the world. We had a certain amount of money each and planned it with a partner.

My partner and I decided to go to Seattle first so we could visit my grandparents for a week so we didn’t have to pay for accommodation or food. While I was looking for something to do in Seattle on the internet, I came across a city pass. When you have a city pass, you get to go to 5 tourist attraction for $74! ($59 if you are a kid.) I showed the city pass to my parents, then they showed it to my grandparents, and they all agreed to use it for our trip to Seattle.

We drive into the city, and the first place we stop is the Seattle aquarium. The aquarium is very interesting and fun. We get to touch sea enemies, see the fuzzy otters and all the different types of fish. There was this one fish that could grow up to 6 feet long!

After the aquarium, we go get lunch then go on the harbour tour. That was really interesting as well. We even saw a sea lion as we were driving by.

We just hung out in the house for the rest of the day then went to bed.

                                                    THE NEXT DAY

At the start of the day, we did a bit of shopping, then went to the park. After awhile, we drove down to Olive garden and ate lunch there. (It’s a really good restaurant.)

Later we drove down to the $2 cinema to watch Lego Batman. I thought the movie was very good. Next, we walked to the ice cream shop. We got to pick a flavour of ice cream then mix whatever we wanted into it. It was very good. I got Mint ice cream with Oreos mixed inside.

After all the ice creams we went home, then went to bed.



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