Spokane!! #2 By Baeleigh

We started off by picking up our great uncle so we could go to IHOP. I got a chocolate pancake with whipped cream, syrup and chocolate chips on top. It was very good.

After, we went to Walmart and got to spend $20 dollars each. I bought 2 t-shirts chapstick and a present for our friends from America. It took us 2 hours for everyone to finish shopping and after we finished, we hurried to the party.

We were meeting all of our relatives¬†from Spokane at my Aunt and Uncles house for a party. We get to meet our cousin’s new born baby and she’s super cute. We had our nails painted and did some painting on canvases.

During the party Emma, (My cousin) Both of my aunts, Ainsleigh, Sophie and I went on a hike. We walked to the top of a hill then walked back down to the park down below. It was really fun. We walked back to the party and did some sidewalk chalk.

After the party, we went out to dinner with our cousin and Aunt then went swimming. We went to bed about 10 pm.


In the morning we drove to downtown Spokane to go to our cousin’s baby’s dedication. It was very cute. After we went out to lunch with all the people from our family that went to the dedication.

Later that afternoon we went to the park with my Mom’s friends from high school and their families. It was really fun. After we to dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant.


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