Back In Seattle!! By Baeleigh


We started off the morning by going to a friends house to meet up with them for a bit. They had a big house and a really cute and fluffy dog. We played with the dog outside for awhile, then we went out for lunch. We went to Panda Express which is a Chinese restaurant. It was very good.

After saying goodbye we drove all the way back to Seattle which took about 4 hours and 30 minutes to drive there. When we arrived we ate dinner then went to bed.


In the morning we start driving to the Seattle space needle. we are going to use our city passes again. when we arrive we get our tickets then go inside. We enter at the gift shop but we soon find where to go, and go up in the elevators. when we get to the top there is an awesome view.

After the space needle, we go to the science centre. we walk around the space room and the bug room, then it’s time for the engineer movie. We go into to the Imax theatre and the movie started.

The movie was very good and after the movie ended, I was kind of disappointed. We walked around more of the science centre like the butterfly room, then we had to leave the science centre because it was closing for the day.

We drove down to the restaurant my grandpa likes. we ate dinner there then went home.


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