Great Wolf Lodge!! By Baeleigh

In the morning we drove all the way to Grandmound where Great Wolf Lodge is. We checked into the hotel then went out to lunch. It was a beautiful day so after lunch, we went to the high ropes. At first, I wasn’t going to go on because of my broken arm, but I did anyway and I whizzed past all of the obstacles, ending with jumping off the top of the course on a rope then landing at the bottom.

After the ropes we had dinner at the buffet then did some questing. We each had a wand and there were different quests we could do and for each quest, we had to find different things by pointing our wand at them. We did that for awhile then went swimming.

The swimming pool had a wave pool, slides, hydro slides, a giant bucket that dumps water on everyone, a mini obstacle course and more. We did all the big Hydroslides but they were soon closed because of the thunderstorm which had just blown in. I was watching my siblings and cousin do the obstacle course, then all the lights went out. Everyone screamed. The lights turned back on a few seconds, but everyone still had to leave the pool. We did a bit more questing then went to bed.


Over the day we did questing, swimming, mining for minerals, rope course, we had our nails done, had ice cream, built a bear, got a customised bracelet and a cup of jelly beans. then it was time to leave.


In the morning me and my dad went for a walk and got something from Starbucks. we went back home and went with everyone but Sophie, Mom and Grandma. We drove down to the stadium in the city centre and watched a soccer game. It was Toronto vs Seattle sounders. Unfortunately, Seattle sounders lost.

After the game we met up with some of Mom’s cousins and my Grandpa’s sister. After they left we went to bed.



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