Paint by number

I thought I’d try to paint the picture of our fabulous holiday. As we jetted around the globe, it was really less about feeling like we were on one amazing getaway, and more like we were on mini break after mini break – an extended time filled with a variety of experiences and wonderful people.

Of course, some things are universal. Standing in the line for customs, filling the car with petrol, needing to find the grocery store to stock up on the local cuisine.

So, here are a few numbers to help paint the picture across all of our holidays:

  • Days away from New Zealand: 36
  • Airlines flown: 4
  • Number of times we had to adjust our watches to local time: 6
  • Airport bathrooms used: too many to count
  • Miles driven: 3,200 (give or take a few)
  • Cars we’ve driven: 4
  • Water slides we’ve splashed down: 7
  • Attractions closed because of thunderstorms: 8
  • Fitch Whanau songs recorded: 1
  • Babies dedicated: 1
  • Bones broken: 1
  • Disney songs stuck in our heads: 1 (“You’re welcome!”)
  • Picnics: 5
  • Picnics in the snow: 1
  • Easter sweets eaten: 18 eggs full
  • Loads of laundry: 18
  • English speaking church services: 5
  • Number of times Gordon was told off in church from the pulpit: 1
  • Conversations about President Trump: too many to count
  • Tubes of toothpaste bought (“Argh! Who had the toothpaste last?!”): 3
  • Number of times we regretted any part of the trip: none 🙂

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