The Big Trip Music Video

Here is a video showing some of the places and some of the people we hung out with. Thank you to Uncle Russell, Aunt Helen, Tasha, Uncle Andrew for helping the Fitches record the song. Thank you to Uncle Andrew for providing the equipment.

Ainsleigh #9

I can’t tell you how much fun I had on this trip, it was amazing seeing all our family and friends again, and now it is finished its really sad. I really miss them. Wellington seems really weird, it sorta feels like another place we are on holiday in, and jet lag  doesn’t help. On…

Ainsleigh #8

So far Germany is really beautiful, we are at Wittenberg right now and we  are about to go to berlin. Yesterday, one of the places we went to was the church were Martin Luther nailed his rules onto, and it’s the 500 annaversary of it so we went to an English service! It was HUGE…

Ainsleigh #7

Do you know my record for standing without sitting down is? 1 hour 30 minutes! But it went to a good cause because on Trafalgar Square there was a passion play about Jesus getting crucified and rising again. It was a really good play and it felt like you were really there, I always wondered what…

Ainsleigh #6

Yesterday Baeleigh, Sophie and I made a Kransekake (a Norwegian cake) together. It tasted really good, and it was fun to make! I rolled out the dough and Baeleigh and Sophie decorated it. Here is a video of them making it:

Ainsleigh #5

In Norway, we are staying at my uncles’ house! It is really cool, so I thought it would be fun to do a house tour! Here’s the video:   Here are a few extra pictures of the trip so far

Ainsleigh #4

On our last day in Oswestry, I did something pretty cool, I dyed my hair red! it’s pretty exciting, and I think it looks nice. Our flight to Amsterdam felt really short compared to our other ones! And we took a bus to our hotel, Baeleigh, Sophie and Mom are in one room, Myself, Liam and…

Ainsleigh #3

We finally arrived in Oswestry! And we got to see our family again! One of the places we went to was called British iron works and it was really cool! Everything was made out of iron! here are some pictures:

Ainsleigh #2

Yay! We are finally ready for our holiday, and putting our messily packed bags in Dave’s car. I am so excited to get onto the plane, but i know later I probably won’t. The only thing i am worried about is if we forgot anything. -Ainsleigh

Ainsleigh #1

I am really excited for the trip ahead! It will be fun to see family and friends again! The Places I am excited to see are, Anne Franks house, Germany, Norway, London, Seattle, Spokane and Great Wolf Lodge! P.s Make sure you always look at this section of the blog because its the best!