The Big Trip Music Video

Here is a video showing some of the places and some of the people we hung out with. Thank you to Uncle Russell, Aunt Helen, Tasha, Uncle Andrew for helping the Fitches record the song. Thank you to Uncle Andrew for providing the equipment.

Paint by number

I thought I’d try to paint the picture of our fabulous holiday. As we jetted around the globe, it was really less about feeling like we were on one amazing getaway, and more like we were on mini break after mini break – an extended time filled with a variety of experiences and wonderful people….


Life in New Zealand, after nearly 7 years, is settled, happy. Despite the earthquakes and the housing market, the Fitches are thriving there; we have gainful employment, a community around us, and the kids know it as home. Our Kiwi kids. But is it home? What makes a home? I boarded the plane in NZ…


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta We left New Zealand less than a week ago and have already been to 5 countries, slept in three of them, and racked up a few air miles. And most of it has left me speechless. The willingness of strangers…


It always amazes me that the trip you plan thinking it’s AAAGGEESSS away always approaches swiftly and slowly concurrently. We leave next week! Our planning has almost switched to doing, which is so exciting. I told the kids that we leave in a week, and Sophie worded it best by saying, “Ugh. Life is going…