gordon-email-reflections-on-workSo we have decided to create a family blog for this trip. Hopefully, it will be interesting to see different perspectives on the same events.

Certainly, for me, the highlight of the trip will be catching up with my direct family. We haven’t all been in the same spot since December 2013 when we celebrating Andrew and Denisse’s wedding in Aruba.

Andrew and Denise will now host us all in their home in Stavanger, and it will be a great week. Finn James was only just born in Aruba, and so it will be great to see his new personality.

I am so stoked that we can hit Wittenberg in 2017, marrying into a family of Lutherans, I reckon we are putting some of them to shame with our pilgrimage 😉

And after Liam Bae and Ains were so intrigued with the story of Anne Frank, it will be a real pleasure to show them around the house, and hopefully a few good life lessons will be reinforced.

Assuming I can cross the north border of America successfully, I know it is going to be so good to catch up with old friends, chill with the inlaws, and enjoy eating some of Uncle MIke’s Fajitas.



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  1. Helen says:

    Fab idea Gordon, loving it 😀


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